Design & Our Guest


Due to the design nature of Anggun and the hotel’s steadfast commitment to the environment, you may or may not experience certain factors on noise level during your stay. Please let us know in your booking if you are sensitive to noise or prefer to immerse in part of the daily grind of the local environment.

  • an internal courtyard (one of the facets of an old-fashioned Malaysian house)
  • being located right in the heart of an Asian city that never sleeps
  • in a neighbourhood where the locals go about their daily lives
  • just a short walking distance from restaurants and the major tourist attractions
  • green energy and initiatives

~ sensors automatically switch off all power when guests leave room
~ energy efficient lighting and appliances
~ minimal dependency on air-conditioning in public areas with good ventilation
~ all air-conditioning are using inverter system
~ a low-powered and efficient elevator system
~ use of biodegradable cleaning materials
~ preserving by recycling old materials to use as part of the hotel design
~ powerful but low-powered shower units.

However, these are the same elements that our guests find that adds to the unique charm of this hotel, a classic courtyard hotel in the heart of the city.

Our Special Guests

Our guests are special people who identifies with many of the same principles that we believe in.

  • appreciates the simple elegant touches, style and character of a small boutique hotel
  • they are in harmony with the environment and local culture
  • appreciates the reasonable modern conveniences and facilities available in our rooms and hotel
  • enjoys an internal courtyard living atmosphere
  • respects privacy
  • enjoys a home away from home environment
  • enjoys trying out local food in their travels

“Embrace simplicity, travel light in life” – an inspiring quote by Dr Chan Kah Yein, a popular Malaysian author, who is also the founder-coordinator of AnimalCare based in Kuala Lumpur.

Our guests are, after all, special people who look at life from a positively different perspective and who have touched many people’s lives in their own way.