One of the finest boutique hotels in Kuala Lumpur, this four-star deluxe boutique hotel, with an enviable location in the capital’s hip and vibrant SOHO, Bukit Bintang, offers discerning guests personalised service in an atmosphere of history, culture, intimacy, luxury and cool sophistication.

Back in 2008, when the hoteliers were scouting the area for a place to build their boutique hotel, they envisaged a boutique hotel that would combine history and culture with 21st century lifestyle. In their mind’s eye, they not only saw Anggun Boutique Hotel breathing life into two 1920s houses but also transforming the area, which in the 1960s had the unenviable reputation of being a red-light district and a second-wife street, into a much sought after address for international travellers.

History and culture combine to create an atmosphere of sustainable living. A distinctive traditional Chinese open wooden-door beckons you in. Like the door, the fence is made of century-old restored hardwood railway sleepers. These sleepers had been salvaged when the national railway company replaced hardwood sleepers with concrete ones. Looking up at the hotel building, you will notice huge bay windows that are inspired by traditional Malay kampong (village) houses. Even some of the hotel roof tiles were salvaged from the house next door when the owner replaced the 1920s tiles with new ones.

The old car porch is now the refreshing green courtyard and entrance to the hotel lobby. The original wall separating the two living rooms had to be torn down to make way for a more spacious lobby. As you step into the lobby, your eyes will inevitably be drawn to the distinctive reception desk which is also made of restored old railway sleepers. The lobby is also tastefully decorated with handmade furniture, handicraft and modified kerosene lamps. The lobby floor is lined with 200-year-old encaustic tiles salvaged from old Peranakan houses which were being refurbished in Malacca.

In the daytime, you’ll be pleasantly bathed in natural light at the atrium while waiting for the elevator to take you up to your bedroom. Looking up from the atrium, you’ll notice attractive period lanterns strung from the transparent skylit roof; at night, the lanterns give the atrium a gentle hue. The atrium is reminiscent of old Malaysian terrace houses and Peranakan houses with an inner skylit courtyard. Guests are able to enjoy a traditional atmosphere with all of the modern comforts of home.

The present custodians of the building had also taken great pains to build Anggun Boutique Hotel without altering the original structural design of the old 1920s building. To this end, not all rooms have exactly the same layout as they had to be built around the building’s original design. With only 18 rooms, scrupulous care has been taken to create an ambience that evokes the mood of the ‘60s in contemporary Kuala Lumpur: handcrafted teak beds, locally crafted furniture on a warm mahogany-finished wooden floor, period lights and ceiling fans, and classic designed room doors and minibar cabinet doors. All these in healthy and eco-friendly rooms equipped with air-conditioners with intelligent and air purification features. Above all, you can enjoy state-of-the-art entertainment from the comfort of your bed with our high speed internet access to worldwide multilingual world news channels, radio stations and movies.

A recent upgrading where capping the Anggun Boutique Hotel four-storey building was the famous the rooftop Bubu Restaurant is now move to ground floor at the porch. It is now converted to double decking bar and dining where one can enjoy the view and activities around. The name now is changed to Reggae World Bar and Cafe where you can start your day with a sumptuous breakfast. Reggae World Bar and Cafe also takes group reservations for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, honeymoons or private functions. Previous Bubu deco, which means our traditional fish cage in Malay is still maintained, overlooks the most peaceful part of the city away from the hardcore city feel and the boutique hotel’s immediate green surroundings.

Aptly named in Malay, anggun means fine, splendid, elegant. Anggun Boutique Hotel is the culmination of a labour of love driven by the passion to weave history and culture with chic modernistic architectural designs. A stay at Anggun is an invitation to partake in this love.

Your home away from home

Staying at Anggun is like having your own home in KL. With our own unique graceful style of hospitality, Anggun provides our guests not only an accommodation but also a warm stay amidst Malaysian culture. The reception area warms your heart and soul, as you are welcomed into the Anggun family by your courteous and efficient front desk staff. The traditional ambience of the reception takes you back in time to the era of 1960s Malaya. Relaxation and rejuvenation at Anggun begins right from the moment you check-in, sipping the refreshing signature welcome drink. All of Anggun’s staffs maintain a discreet but friendly distance and ensures you are safely taken care of.